Pets have been around since the beginning of time. Cats are among the first to be domesticated. They were thought to be domesticated from the African wild cat. The cat is a predator and very intelligent. They supposedly hunt over 1,000 species. Cats have been domestic pets since Ancient Egypt times. They were around in circa 4000 b.c. and their job was keeping mice and rats away. And again several uncountable examples around the globe about how people has used pets for various purpose.
Human & Pets?
Even though we do not know the exact original origin of domesticated animals, we do know the reasons for humans need for them. There are various reasons why people need pets, these reasons just went on and on as the standard living of Human Being improves. Just look at America with Paris Hilton having her Chihwahwa, and right now Pet is more likely to be a part of the family member and well taken care of! Even from Clothes to Nutritional Meals! and House to pets Fan Club!

There are plenty reasons why people have pets, examples such as Health, Security, Aesthetic, Self Branding.. However one thing i relate here is Motivation.
Yes you could see the pictures on the right! This is my Hamster. He has a facebook profile you can add him here. Growth is always the motivation spark to anything.

Seeing my hamster growing from a hyperactive kid to a lazy fat adult is a motivation. Hamster generally have a lifespan of 1 year, in a way, you could see their life phase is so fast! while we are given so long more compared to them! what have we really achieved? My Hamster never failed to remind me about the importance of time and to appreciate little things as wonders and as well as living this life as a motivation everyday. My perception is such like My hamster is a product, seeing a product growing from nothing to something is something really sweet, and most importantly improves your self confident! 

I have always asked myself, 
Really, what is the product of my life? 
What do i want in the end of all this rat race in this life? 
What life do i want in this Earth because it is a training ground before going to Heaven! 

And so, I have found the Purpose of My Life
What about yours then? =)