Project 3: Envelope/Shell/Skin/Covering

-To design an envelope or shell covering the space module as produced from project 02.

Skin is often relate as the most important organ, it provides the resistance between external and internal environment of the body when it acts as a barrier.  The skin has the role to protect muscle and human organ and has a significant functions in terms of covering. Each skin has their special feature to ensure the living thing to survive and play their role.
knowing how we apply knowledge from God's creation to imply into building Designs.

Skins functions such as Layers. We could design them in 2 ways.
Plane/planar properties from 2D like curtain shoji wall and lightings.
Point properties from 1D from repeated design to form a skin.

There are meaning behind each layers, with their functional purpose, whether whatever is it, it will influence our human perspective, social interactive space, as well as personal space. Elements of the layer such as texture, design, material, physical characteristic will generate different perspectives and hence giving a different theme and impression.

Water, Fire, MIrror, Lighting, despiting how different characteristics they are from, things can be seen as a layer of barrier and hence  functions as skin. In this project we must realize that walls of houses could function more than just a layer but they could be given different functions as planting plants vertically on them as well as having different material to function as an absorber. 

It all just means that SKIN has Their Purpose to be Defined in every Structure!

A brief Description

This is just a brief one, for more information you could refer to the pictures below.
My intention is to build a Sky Garden Folly. Mainly because it is highly marketable and a new trend. Also is that it could help with Global Warming as it supports Green Roofing. I call it the Time machine because the design is such like a clock from the top view, and then the walking pathway acts like an anticlockwise movement. I like to introduce water element into this sky garden because i believe water could increase the heat capacity of the building, thus maintaining the building's temperature constantly. This sky garden is not cater for any specific function but just a temporary hangout space for working staffs during lunch breaks etc. The theme i used in this project is Water, Light, and Glass. which i think it suits most of the modern building design today. Thanks to Mr Rusli who introduced Villa Savoye to me! 
Have fun reading!

What have I  LEARNT from Project 3?

It's Inspiring to see myself thinking so much. That's all i can say. I could say this is a project that really drove me to see assignments more than just a point to score kinda thing. In this project, i introduced SWOT and SMART analysis. 
"I always hold to this quote when it comes to whatever i plan or design "Know your products well"
I went to the extend to research about the Market Trend and the current potential for such project. I went to analyze its Strength Weakness Opportunity and Threat. And as you do this more and more, you just felt the confident of your design and excited for it and hence adding more and more ideas into it. 

That's what i call awesome =)  I love SketchUP so much by the way! =D

[Submission] I call it "The Time Machine"

Pictures of submission and presentation boards are attached below. [PLEASE CLICK FOR LARGER IMAGE]
You could read the designing process and the details in the pictures.
STEP 1 Defining Instructions Step 2: Problem and Conceptual
STEP 3: Defining Product & Market Value
STEP 5: Product Philosophy and Aspects
STEP 6: Final Design

Scale View [Please Click for Larger View]

Top view
Perspective view
Front view
Behind view

Functional Design

Sundial as the focal point of design
Bamboo bridge
Stairs with translucent ceiling
A small grill area for an event of lesser than 5 people.
Water dispenser for minor activities.